Adventure Solu and (SOLU) is the whole name of the Solukhumbu district in Nepal, where the world’s highest mountain, Mt. Everest, is situated. SOLU is known as a Lower Solukhumbu drastic in Nepal, and it is the valley of Solukhumbu. Adventure Solu operates many different kinds of exploration events and are a leading tour operator based in Nepal. We are a team of professional guides and have organized adventures with both international companies, as well as highly acclaimed local adventure companies. Together, we are an outstanding team of professional holiday partners in Nepal. The Adventure Solu team specializes in operating a wide range of Adventurous treks in Nepal, including rural developing charity tours, gripping treks, cultural tours, Jungle safaris and climbing Adventures in the mountains, as well as insightful tours in the cultural hubs of Nepal.

We have over 15 years of experience in adventure travel, leading tours and holidays in the Himalayas mostly in Nepal, and focussing on rural development trips in Nepal. We have innovated scores of adventure holidays in these destinations. We have a clear understanding of what travelers need during their vacation to the Himalayas, and our experienced guides are informative and well trained with wilderness First Aid medical guide, holding the Guide license and tour guide license. Our Adventure Solu team will always be happy to assist you during your holiday in the Himalayan countries. We also have a sound relationship with all the service providers in the Tourism Industry of Nepal, our Adventure team guides are very professional, and are able to speak a variety of different languages. We assure every traveler who books with us a perfect holiday in Nepal without any hesitation.

We care about contributing back to the community, and therefore. we design environmentally friendly holidays in Nepal. We also care for our guides and their families, and above all we prioritize providing the best service possible to our valued clients. Adventure solu is truly dedicated to the growth of the community. Eco-tourism is our main agenda, and we are also committed to environment conservation and outstanding client services. Adventure solu conducts every tour and trek responsibly. We care about contributing back to the community, and design environmentally friendly holidays in Nepal in line with these values. We follow carefully and listen to all of the rules of both the Government of Nepal and the Ministry of Tourism, in order to keep our ethical grounds intact and to become a trustworthy Adventure travel company. Our adventure team and our Adventure solu team members will always take any situation very seriously, and safety is a major priority.

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