Terms and Condition
However the Adventure Solu Prior to your booking of any journeys with Adventure Solu Please read our terms and conditions carefully as it sets out the relation of a legally binding agreement between you and Adventure Solu Pvt. Ltd. Being in the Himalayas and its serenity is simply phenomenal and every so often even after the best of our precautions and safety measures the uncertainty of mishaps are hard to evade for which travelers are subjected to our terms and conditions that are as outlined below:
Though our trips differ in the degree of difficulty yet sound level of fitness is required for any trips in Nepal. However, anyone with knee, ankle, heart, lungs or any pre medical history need to pursue medical approval before considering any trips with Adventure Solu. Travellers are to update the company in advance on any pre medical history.

  • Bookings:
    Travelers are to deposit non- refundable $200 per person as a confirmation deposit which is usually done through bank transfer. This deposit will be deducted while paying the remaining trip cost in Kathmandu. You may also pay your remaining cash through the bank, we request you to pay your remaining payment in cash or Travelers Cheques OR whichever feels convenient to you.
  • Complaints:
    Nepal being a developing country and most significantly you are in the mountains where the facility in terms of infrastructure, accommodation, transportation, communication, medical facility etc may not be as close to what you have been conditioned to at home. So any grievances as per these facilities will not be entertained unless a matter we can do something about it.
  • Delays and Cancellation:
    Adventure Solu shall not be held responsible for any departure delays instigated by any state of affairs as these are beyond our control. In cases of cancellation due to weather condition, riots, sickness or any other interventions Adventure Solu under your security concern reserves the right to come up with the alternative of altering the itinerary or diverting the trek destination without any additional charges. You acknowledge that your trips are subjected to transformation without any prior notice under genuine condition.
  • Itinerary Change:
    The itinerary provided by the company is simply a guideline and your Trek Guide has the right to alter the destinations that best suits the group depending on the group fitness, weather, accessibility etc. however, your leader with reasons would always take a group approval before making any amendment.
  • Risks:
    Explorers understand the hazards of being in the remote mountain environment, including accident or illnesses without any medical facilities, political instability and the forces of nature. You agree to shoulder all the risks associated with the journey and the company or its employee shall not be accountable on justification to personal injury, loss or damage of your property, delays, cancellation or death.
  • Insurance:
    While booking trips with Adventure Solu it is mandatory that all travelers have an all-inclusive insurance covering all the aspects of your adventure including cancellation, accidents, health, emergency evacuation, loss or damage of personal belongings. Insurance bought in Kathmandu may not be valid due to its unpredictability. All costs for emergency evacuation must be paid in cash in Nepal prior to the agreement of payment by your insurance company on your behalf.
  • Refunds:
    Once your trip is taken off and under any circumstances whatsoever if you voluntarily or involuntarily tend to leave the trip, no refund shall be made by the company in regards to whichever unused services provided. All refunds are strictly prohibited under the will of Adventure Solu.
  • Adventure Solu privileges:
    Adventure Solu reserve the right to reject further continuation of a trip for any traveler causing embarrassment or annoyance to other travelers hindering the serenity of the trip. Adventure Solu will not be liable for the medical expenses incurred while on trip. Travelers’ are to have valid passports and valid visas that may require obtaining the Adventure on the selected tour. Adventure Solu shall not be held responsible for failure to obtain these Solu in lack of possession of valid documents. Adenture Solu has the right to terminate anyone of their involvement in the trip considering their health issues that would adversely affect the trip.
  • Withdrawal:
    Travelers are committed to notify the company instantly in cases of withdrawal from the already booked trip. In any such related scenario Adventure Solu reserves the right to compensate the cancellation charges for hotels or flights from your advance deposit.
  • Domestic Flights:
    In cases of flight cancellation especially in Kathmandu, Adventure Solu would provide hotel accommodation on bed and breakfast basis. While with the cancellation in the remote mountain airports the company affords accommodation and full board meals till your valid booking dates. If your holiday exceeds the valid booking date then travelers are responsible for all the extra expenses that comprise accommodation, food or chartered helicopter.
  • Guides Right:
    With Adventure Solu you agree to accept the authority of your Trek Guides in regards to health precautions, group harmony, teamwork, change in the itinerary etc. as he is the only responsible person who would always give his best to make your trip.
  • Equipment’s:
    Travelers are to agree to compensate for any damage of the company’s provided equipment’s.

Travelers are to make sure and comprehend about the nature of trekking or traveling to Nepal or being in the high altitude environments. We will at all times give our best to make sure that you have a wonderful trip.

We wish you all the best.